Shipping & Returns


Packaging is included in the transport price.

Insurance of consignments

  • Shipments are automatically insured against the value of the order stated on the invoice.
 - retail (the price list is displayed by clicking +): 
Flag Austria (2-5 working days AUSTRIA) 
Flag Belgium (2-5 working days BELGIUM) 
Flag Bulgaria (2-5 working days BULGARIA) 
Flag Croatia (2-5 working days CROATIA) 
Flag Denmark (2-5 working days DENMARK) 
Flag Estonia (2-5 working days ESTONIA) 
Flag Finland (2-5 working days FINLAND) 
Flag France (2-5 working days FRANCE) 
Flag Germany (2-5 working days GERMANY) 
Flag Greece (2-5 working days GREECE) 
Flag Hungary (2-5 working days HUNGARY) 
Flag Ireland (2-5 working days IRELAND) 
Flag Italy (2-5 working days ITALY) 
Flag Latvia (2-5 working days LATVIA) 
Flag Lithuania (2-5 working days LITHUANIA) 
Flag Luxembourg (2-5 working days LUXEMBOURG) 
Flag Netherlands (2-5 working days NETHERLANDS) 
Flag Poland (2-5 working days POLAND) 
Flag Portugal (2-5 working days PORTUGAL) 
Flag Romania (2-5 working days ROMANIA) 
Flag Slovakia (doručenie do 1 - 2 dní SLOVAKIA) 
Flag Slovenia (2-5 working days SLOVENIA) 
Flag Spain (2-5 working days SPAIN) 
Flag Sweden (2-5 working days SWEDEN) 
Flag United Kingdom (2-5 working days UNITED KINGDOM) 
The Seller reserves the right to the final choice of the mode of dispatch of the goods and the means of transport and to choose a kind of transport which actually corresponds to the current order and in particular its actual weight.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.

Watch the package

Follow the package movement using the postage number on the carrier's website. When submitting a shipment, we enter the carrier's phone number and e-mail address into the carriers' transport system. They then inform the addressee free of charge in the form of SMS and e-mail about the delivery date, any barriers to delivery or storage of the shipment. Shipment status information is available on the day the shipment is delivered from the moment when an SMS message is received on the mobile phone of the addressee on the carrier's web site by means of a postage number. Upon delivery to some countries, the shipment information can only be available when the shipment arrives at the foreign transhipment or on the delivery date.

Therefore, we ask that you carefully enter your contact details when placing an order in the interface of our store so that we can correctly fill in the details and specify where the shipment should arrive!

By clicking on the logos below, you will be redirected to the parcel tracking system: