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ISO 3632 is used to assess the quality of saffron, with the most important factors being Crocine, Picrocrocine and Safranal. The higher the values these factors achieve = the higher the quality of saffron (more here).

Saffron is available in packages ranging from 0.3 g over 0.5 g to 1.0 g in a small round box. If we require a larger quantity, we are able to deliver different quantities based on an individual order, up to 1 kg.

If you think you want to give the saffron, we can offer you gift wrapping. We are able to secure the delivery, including your company logo, or dedication, so that packaging can be tax deductible from the point of view of the Income Tax Act and the VAT Act (more here).

After choosing a quality class, choose the package size.