Saffron as a gift

Šafrán setý - Crocus sativus - heart

Saffron as a precious gift or promotional item

Looking for a gift for your family, good friends or your superior? Have you ever wondered about saffron?

If you give someone saffron, you will show him unprecedented respect and honor. You pay him luxury goods whose value reflects the demanding cultivation and collection (for 1kg of this spice it is necessary to collect more than 150,000 flowers by hand). The gifted person will feel very honored - he has received a practical gift in the form of the most precious spice of the world. 

  • Give Granny Saffron! It will spoil you with a delicious pie, which will be glowing with golden color and exquisite taste.
  • Give the saffron to your best friend! Whenever you meet, you will be excited to tell you how the saffron facial mask is wonderful.
  • Invite a colleague to tea! Just add a few yogurts of tea to your tea and your office will be scented with the aroma of saffron tea.

Give your closest and those you care about. Do it with our gift wrapping of saffron. Find everything you need in it.  

Sample gift box

A gift wrapping of saffron can be an original gift for your business partners, employees, friends. We will prepare a graphic design of an additional label, tag or personal wish, arrange to print, wrap in gift boxes, bags or other original packaging, and we will deliver the saffron at the desired time to your designated place.
The cost of printing labels, labels, and personal wishes depends on their number, color, and paper used.


spice cup (dried saffron jars) - glass tube for 1 - 1.5 g, closed with cork closure.  

outer packaging - paper box with lid inside with satin liner.

etiquette - an embedded card with all important and mandatory disclosures, an optional self-adhesive label (may - not be attached) on the lid. Its text can be processed at the customer's request.