Saffron threads - Negin (زعفران نگین)

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Negin is the highest quality of saffron in Persian Saffron. You can buy high-quality Iranian Saffron online from our store. The leading online distributor of Persian Saffron in the region. Saffron is an expensive spice and costs way more than caviar, truffles and even the real balsamic vinegar is cheap in comparison with Saffron.

The highest quality of the Saffron-threads is referred to as "Negin". Negin translated means "The Diamond on a Ring". This is the most valuable kind as it has the highest quality.It has the volume and the thread- length of Pushal and ast the same time the colour intensity of Sargol. This is not accessible through any artificial colour changes and therefore absolutely pure.

This quality has according to ISO-Norm 3632-2

- colour, Crocin, of about 240
- flavour, Safranal, of about 50
- bitterness, Picrocrocin, of about 95.