Privacy Rules

This page provides an overview of the main principles of privacy and other processed data. For more information, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions, in the privacy section.

Who processes your data?

Lenka Zackova, business company, ID: 03001806, registered office at Horni Lhota 152, 763 23, and as an administrator will process personal data of visitors according to the conditions set out below.

What personal data are processed?

Only personal data provided by visitors / shoppers in connection with the purchase of goods (ie within the order of our products), sending queries, or advice on growing saffron. This is most often the case of data that visitors / customers communicate:

  • Email
  • Password in encrypted form (when registering and creating a customer account)
  • Name and surname
  • Billing / delivery address
  • Telephone number

  •  and data obtained through web browsing
  • IP address
  • cookies
  • or another online identifier

Who will have access to the data?

We archive our customer's personal information securely. Data protection is our priority. Third party parties who may have access to personal data for the purposes of performance of the contract are carriers who deliver consignments of goods. Under certain, precisely defined conditions, we are obliged to transfer certain personal data on the basis of valid legal regulations, for example, to the Police, other authorities involved in criminal proceedings, including specialized departments (UCOZ, Customs, etc.) and other public authorities.

What are cookies and what types of cookies are used?

Cookies are small data files that make the visited websites remember the actions and settings of individual users who have made them, so they do not need to re-enter the data. Cookies are stored on individual computers using a web browser. Cookies are not a hazard, they do not serve to get any sensitive personal information, but they are important for privacy protection. Cookies are not used to identify the identity of website users or to misuse login credentials.

For example, cookies allow users to recognize them as an existing user (for example, when they sign in to their customer account).

Another group is third-party cookies (such as Google Analytics for traffic analysis of a specific website).

Users as website visitors are allowed to reject cookies. However, it is possible that in some cases it will not be possible to display a specific service, function, or product without using cookies.

If your browser uses cookies enabled, we predict that the visitor agrees to use standard cookies on our site. 

If you do not want to store these cookies, you can block them here .

More information about the types of cookies and their use in our services can be found here.

How long do we process the data?

We will process the data obtained for the purposes of the contract for a period of 2 years. In this context, please note that these personal data are necessary for the proper performance of the contract, respectively. to fulfill all of our obligations, whether these obligations arise from a contract between us or from generally binding legal regulations, we must process, regardless of the consent granted, for the period stipulated by the relevant legal regulations or in accordance with them, also after the withdrawal of your consent. Data obtained through the registration of a customer account, if it is possible to use the purchase without the consent of the processing of personal data, is then processed during the period of use of the registered account and usually 6 - 12 months after its cancellation. Subsequently, only basic identification data and an indication of the reason for the termination of the registration or the data forming part of the operational advance are usually stored for a reasonable period of time.

Is it possible to process personal information without consent?

Yes, personal data of visitors / shoppers can be processed without consent but only for the purpose of performance of the contract and the provision of services (fulfillment of the contract between the buyer and the seller for the delivery of the goods); fulfillment of the legal obligations that result from us from generally binding legal regulations (eg we are obliged to keep operational and localization data on the basis of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications); or processing that is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests (e.g., for the purpose of direct marketing or security of our sites). The possibility and legality of such processing results directly from applicable legal regulations and the consent of visitors / shoppers is not necessary for this processing.

Based on what legal title is it possible to process personal data?

We may process your personal data on the basis of your consent, but also for our legitimate interest (in particular for direct marketing purposes) or for the fulfillment of the agreements concluded between us, to the extent of the personal data required to do so. Last but not least, the reason for processing personal data without the consent of visitors / purchasers is the fulfillment of the obligations arising for us by law. For what specific purposes do we process individual processing of personal information above?

How are personal data secured?

All personal data provided by our customers is secured by standard procedures and technologies. However, it is not objectively possible to fully guarantee the security of personal data. Therefore, it is not even possible to ensure 100% that personal data provided can not be accessed by a third party, can not be copied, published, altered or destroyed by breaking our security measures, for example by hacking off the Internet. In this regard, we ensure that we regularly check that the system is free of vulnerabilities and is not exposed and that we use security measures to prevent unauthorized access to customer personal data, and provide sufficient security with respect to the state of the art. The security measures adopted are then regularly updated. In order to better protect your personal data, access to these data is password-protected, and sensitive data is encrypted during the transfer between our browser and our website. However, without the help and responsible behavior of shoppers, we are unable to fully guarantee the security of the data we entrust. For example, by keeping shoppers keeping their unique passwords and other access to our services secret and complying with basic security principles. Please note that emails, instant messaging, blogs, and other types of communication with other web users are not encrypted. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to use these forms of communication when providing confidential information.

How and when is it possible to appeal to the processing of personal data?

Voluntary consent to the processing of personal data may be revoked at any time free of charge by sending an email to: admin (at) Revocation of consent is without prejudice to the possibility to continue processing personal data on the basis of the consent given prior to its withdrawal. Revocation of consent also has no effect on the processing of personal data processed on a legal basis other than consent (ie, in particular, if processing is necessary for the performance of the contract, legal obligation or for other reasons stated in the applicable legislation).

Is there an obligation to provide personal information? Can I refuse to provide personal information?

Personal information is provided to us by our customers on a voluntary basis (for example, for the purpose of inquiries from the growers' counseling center or the assortment of plant protection products and preparations it is required to provide personal data, ie if the data are not entered in the contact form, it can not be sent). If the customer does not give his or her consent, it may be further withdrawn, it may happen that some of our services will no longer be able to provide you free of charge, that we can not provide them in full or quality.

What rights does the customer have in relation to the protection of personal data?

In relation to personal data, customers have the following rights in particular:

  • the right to withdraw their consent at any time;
  • the right to correct or supplement personal data;
  • the right to demand processing restrictions;
  • right of objection or complaint against processing in certain cases;
  • the right to request the transfer of data;
  • the right of access to personal data;
  • the right to be informed about a personal data breach in certain cases;
  • the right to delete personal data (the right to be "forgotten") in certain cases;
  • other rights provided by the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Personal Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 after its entry into force.

How can you contact us?

In case of any personal data protection request or withdrawal of consent to further processing of your personal data, you may send an email to admin(at) or send it in writing to: Horni Lhota 152, 763 23 Horni Lhota. In this context, we would like to alert you that we may want you to show us your identity in an appropriate manner so that we can verify its identity. This is a precautionary security measure to prevent unauthorized people from accessing personal data. In order to increase the quality of services and to keep records of our obligations under the law, all communications are monitored.